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Website Support Plan

Please note that our website support plan is only available for Silvercode-built websites.

If you would like to have your website supported on an ongoing basis by a professional developer, whether it be to resolve issues as they occur, or make regular content changes, we can help! All of our website support is provided 1-on-1 from within Australia.

The pricing for our website support service varies, depending on the size and functionality of the individual website.

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Website support covers such things as:

  • Troubleshooting issues and errors.
  • Re-arranging website layout or content.
  • Adjusting alignment & spacing.
  • Adding/editing/deleting/moving text.
  • Adding/deleting/moving/resizing images.
  • Proofreading, spelling & grammar checking.
  • Adding/deleting/re-arranging pages.
  • Formatting/styling/colour scheme changes.
  • Adjusting/adding/removing menus/widgets/contact forms.
  • Adjusting/adding/removing social media links/integrations.
  • Publishing/editing/deleting blog posts/news items/testimonials.

Additional actions for eCommerce sites might include:

  • Adding/editing/deleting products.
  • Configuring shop settings.
  • Configuring/setting up payment gateways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does website support/website management cover adding eCommerce/a shop on my website in future?2018-11-15T15:43:30+10:00

If you sign up for website support for a website that already has eCommerce functionality/a shop, then your quotation will fully include all costs associated with the ongoing support of your shop. If you sign up for website support for a website that does not already have eCommerce functionality/a shop, but you later decide to add this functionality, your monthly website support fee will need to be re-quoted.

Likewise, if you sign up for website management and specify that you do not want eCommerce functionality/a shop, your monthly quotation will not include the addition of, nor support for, eCommerce/shop functionality. If you later decide to add eCommerce/shop functionality, your monthly website management fee will need to be re-quoted.

How much notice will I need to give to have changes made to my website, or to receive technical support?2018-04-21T20:32:44+10:00

We kindly request that you plan for and allow at least 24 hours of time for any change requests to be actioned or to receive a response for technical support. While we generally action all change requests and respond to technical support enquiries much quicker than this, allowing 24 hours will ensure a consistent experience for all of our website management clients, as well as set reliable expectations for both parties in the event of unexpectedly busy periods.

If your request involves a substantial amount of work, we will let you know if we are going to require a longer amount of time to complete it.

Change requests and technical support are conducted within our support hours, which you will find listed on our contact page.

What if there is an urgent issue?2018-04-21T20:33:08+10:00

If there is a genuinely urgent issue, we will immediately prioritise it and attend to it at our very next availability, whether that falls within our support hours or outside of them. Our support hours are listed on our contact page, however, we monitor all incoming support tickets closely, often-times outside of these hours (though we do not guarantee 24/7 monitoring).

Urgent matters include business-impacting problems such as your website not functioning as expected in a critical way, or customers not being able to complete the checkout process if your website has a store, etc.

What is not included in our website support service?2018-12-13T11:51:23+10:00

Website support does not include the building of custom software to provide functionality that is not already available by default in WordPress. If custom functionality is requested, we will attempt to source a suitable, ready-built website extension (often referred to as a ‘plugin’) that fits the requirements. While a large volume of plugins are free, there are many premium plugins whose developers impose either a licence fee or subscription licence fee to purchase and use their software. We will always advise you first if your requested changes require a premium plugin that will incur any additional costs.

If a plugin breaks, it will remain the responsibility of the original developer to fix it, though we will of course manage correspondence with the developer to find a resolution, else find an alternative.

It is extremely rare that there would be any functionality requested that cannot be achieved with ready-built WordPress plugins. Should the situation occur that a requested functionality is so complex that there is no ready-built plugin to suit, we will be able to advise you of your best options on a case by case basis.