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Website Maintenance Plan

Please note that our website maintenance plan is only available for Silvercode-built websites.

The average WordPress website needs at least 15 software updates per month, to patch against the latest security threats and keep software up-to-date. If these updates are not properly managed, or worse, left neglected, a website will become increasingly vulnerable to attack as well as suffer increasing visual and functional problems. It is also critical to have regular backups, security scans and uptime monitoring in place.

The pricing for our website maintenance service varies, depending on the size and functionality of the individual website.

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Our website maintenance service includes everything you see below. You will also receive a report that includes a summary of the maintenance tasks performed each month.

If any website support is required as a result of performing maintenance, such as if a plugin is updated and requires extra configuration or troubleshooting, this can be arranged via our website support service. If you have a managed website, unlimited support is already included.

At this time, our website maintenance service is only available for WordPress websites.