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Our website management service can potentially save you thousands of dollars, not just upfront, but over time too. It is ideal for businesses who need a new website without an expensive, upfront build/design fee and prefer to have ongoing, affordable support from a one-on-one web developer without the expense of a full-time employee.

It also suits those who need a reliable website, but aren’t familiar with how to maintain the technical side of things and don’t want to risk losing their hard work to unexpected data loss or hacking.

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Our purpose is to be your single point of contact for your online needs by providing a modern, well-maintained website that is kept secure, up-to-date and running smoothly.

Our website management plan includes everything you see below, with no lock-in contracts, no set-up fees, no build/design fees and no cancellation fees.

  • Website hosting (our Standard Plan) for 1 website. If your website exceeds the resources of our Standard Plan, you may upgrade your plan at anytime and add the difference to your monthly website management fee.
  • Website design/development for 1 website. This includes the building of a brand-new, customised WordPress website for your business.
  • Website maintenance plan for 1 website. Your website will be constantly maintained, making you feel as though you have your own IT team working silently in the background – but without the expensive cost. Never find yourself stuck with an outdated, malfunctioning website.
  • Website support plan for 1 website. This includes unlimited content changes and website support, making it feel as though you have your own IT team – but without the expensive cost. If you sign up for website management and opt for a non-eCommerce website, but later decide to add this functionality, your monthly website management fee may be adjusted to cover the extra support eCommerce websites need.
  • A comprehensive monthly report that includes such information as your website’s traffic statistics (powered by Google Analytics), a summary of how many backups were taken, how many theme/plugin/WordPress core updates were performed, daily security scan statistics, uptime and more.

Website Management vs. Standard Web Design Services

Website Management
  • No upfront design or build fees to create your website.

  • Website management recudes your website costs and help your business to get online without a huge cash outlay.

  • One simple, monthly subscription fee that includes everything you need; a premium-quality, custom-built WordPres website, web hosting, unlimited website changes, rigorous maintenance plus unlimited, email-based Australian support with your own personal developer.

  • Daily or monthly back-ups (depending on how frequently your website changes), daily malware scans and firewall protection software.

  • Regular aesthetic improvements and suggestions as new technology becomes available. With website management, your website will always look modern and fresh.

Standard Web Design Services
  • Higher upfront fees to design and build your website.

  • Additional fees required to cover website hosting, email hosting & domain registration fees.

  • Paying for website design/development upfront will not include costs for ongoing maintenance or security updates. If you do not keep your site maintained and secure, it will be left vulnerable to malicious attacks, hacking and data loss.

  • If you wish to have anything changed or adjusted later on, such as adding new images or updating your website’s software, you may need to pay hourly website support fees that can easily add up to more than the cost of website management.

  • Over time, your website may slowly become visually outdated as new coding techniques and aesthetic effects emerge after your website has been built.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does website support/website management cover adding eCommerce/a shop on my website in future?2018-11-15T15:43:30+10:00

If you sign up for website support for a website that already has eCommerce functionality/a shop, then your quotation will fully include all costs associated with the ongoing support of your shop. If you sign up for website support for a website that does not already have eCommerce functionality/a shop, but you later decide to add this functionality, your monthly website support fee will need to be re-quoted.

Likewise, if you sign up for website management and specify that you do not want eCommerce functionality/a shop, your monthly quotation will not include the addition of, nor support for, eCommerce/shop functionality. If you later decide to add eCommerce/shop functionality, your monthly website management fee will need to be re-quoted.

How much notice will I need to give to have changes made to my website, or to receive technical support?2018-04-21T20:32:44+10:00

We kindly request that you plan for and allow at least 24 hours of time for any change requests to be actioned or to receive a response for technical support. While we generally action all change requests and respond to technical support enquiries much quicker than this, allowing 24 hours will ensure a consistent experience for all of our website management clients, as well as set reliable expectations for both parties in the event of unexpectedly busy periods.

If your request involves a substantial amount of work, we will let you know if we are going to require a longer amount of time to complete it.

Change requests and technical support are conducted within our support hours, which you will find listed on our contact page.

What if there is an urgent issue?2018-04-21T20:33:08+10:00

If there is a genuinely urgent issue, we will immediately prioritise it and attend to it at our very next availability, whether that falls within our support hours or outside of them. Our support hours are listed on our contact page, however, we monitor all incoming support tickets closely, often-times outside of these hours (though we do not guarantee 24/7 monitoring).

Urgent matters include business-impacting problems such as your website not functioning as expected in a critical way, or customers not being able to complete the checkout process if your website has a store, etc.

Can we manage your existing website?2018-03-22T22:10:24+10:00

As we cannot guarantee the performance or reliability of a website we haven’t built ourselves, we will always rebuild existing managed websites on our own platform. This rebuild is already included in our website management service and will not incur any extra cost.

If you really do not want to part with your existing design, we can generally rebuild any website to have a very similar look and feel.

We can also import over any important data your existing website may hold, such as customer/sales/order data, WooCommerce data, products, user accounts and so on.

Will you be able to have a shop, and see and control your sales/orders?2018-05-15T22:11:53+10:00

Yes – if you want to. We offer and support the WooCommerce platform for any eCommerce requests. This platform integrates with WordPress seamlessly and will add a powerful range of shop functions to your dashboard such as inventory management, shipping, tax and order processing.

Both you and your customers will be able to receive email order notifications/receipts from your website.

How much control/access will you have over your website?2018-03-19T14:51:18+10:00

With our managed websites, we will provide you with your own account that you can use to login to your website. Your account will be given either ‘Editor’ or ‘Shop Manager’ access permissions (depending whether or not your website has an eCommerce component). These access levels will allow you to access and edit all of your media, post and page content (including products for eCommerce websites), should you wish to do so.

Alternatively, if you are not comfortable logging in to your website at all, and prefer us to make all edits and changes, that’s completely fine too.

No access will be provided to the website hosting account or website coding, as this will be entirely managed for you.

Are our websites easy to use?2018-03-19T14:41:03+10:00

Yes, very in fact! We use the industry-leading WordPress platform which is incredibly user-friendly. You will have your own dashboard that you may log into to edit your posts and pages if you wish to do so.

You don’t need any prior experience or any coding knowledge to make most content changes. The editor interface looks and feels reasonably similar to a lot of document publishing software – Microsoft Word for example.

What are the benefits of having a managed website?2018-03-19T14:14:52+10:00

Website management gives you complete peace of mind in knowing that your website is being constantly cared for, protected and maintained. Should you ever want to make any changes whatsoever, you can simply ask for them in an unlimited capacity, without having to pay any extra hourly support fees that a web developer might usually charge. Over time with maintenance and support costs, having a managed website usually works out substantially cheaper.

Another consideration is that once a website is built, it may have around a 2-3 year lifespan before it will start looking outdated and need to be re-designed. Businesses are likely to spend several thousand dollars on an average website design, and may have to get this done every few years. With website management however, you can have your website’s look and feel touched-up as often as you wish at no extra cost, ensuring your website always stays modern and fresh.

Do we have a portfolio of websites that we have designed available for review?2018-03-19T14:04:45+10:00

Yes, we can supply a portfolio of our websites upon request. Please contact us to express your interest.

How long does it take for a website to be built?2018-03-19T14:02:22+10:00

This depends on the size and complexity of each individual website, though typically we suggest a 4 week turnaround once the website build has commenced.

Within your quotation, we will provide you with our next available date to begin your website build, as well as a timeline outlining each stage of the project right up until completion.

What additional services are recommended to complement our website management service?2018-12-13T11:50:15+10:00
Email Hosting

We strongly recommend all businesses have a matching professional email service to compliment their website. As an official Google Cloud Partner, we offer a business-grade Google G Suite email hosting service.

Social Media Set-Up

We can help you set up and optimise your social media profiles, including the all-important Google My Business listing.

Website Extensions

Depending what you want your website to offer, you may need to purchase additional licences or subscription licences website extension licences. We will always let you know beforehand if any of your requested functionality requires such specialised software.

What will you need to supply for your new website?2018-09-09T01:09:54+10:00

There’s a few things we will need from you to be able to complete your new website.

Domain Registration Access

We may need access to your domain registration, such as if we need to point it to our web hosting servers. If you do not already have a domain registration, or if you would like to transfer it to us to keep everything in the same place, please check out our domain registration service.


If you already have a logo, we will require a copy of it in either vector .eps, .ai or .pdf file format. If you are uncertain what format you have, please feel free to send through what you have and we will let you know if there are any issues. If you require your existing logo to be converted to vector, refreshed/re-designed, or if you need a brand new logo to be created for you, please check out our graphic design service.


You have three main options when it comes to images for your website:

  • You can supply us with the images you wish to use on your website (you must own or have an appropriate licence to use your chosen images).
  • You can purchase regular or premium stock images to use on your website.
  • We can source a limited variety of royalty-free images for you to use at no extra cost.

You have two main options when it comes to the text for your website:

  • You supply us with the text you wish to use on your website.
  • You can purchase our copywriting service, to have us write your text content for you.
Social Media Access

We may require access to some of your social media accounts to integrate them with your website. We only require this access temporarily, and once integrated, you are free to change your password as you wish.

What happens if you wish to transfer or cancel your website management service?2018-11-15T17:05:54+10:00

You may cancel your website management service at any time, with no penalty or cancellation fees. All of your website’s text and images will remain your property.

If you decide to transfer or cancel, we will provide you with a backup file of your website’s text and images only.

If you would instead like to transfer your entire website elsewhere, this is possible for an outright purchase price depending on your tenure as a client:

  • Client for over 3 years: Free!
  • Client for over 2 years: $1000.00
  • Client for over 1 year: $2000.00
  • Client for less than 1 year: $3500.00
What is not included in our website support service?2018-12-13T11:51:23+10:00

Website support does not include the building of custom software to provide functionality that is not already available by default in WordPress. If custom functionality is requested, we will attempt to source a suitable, ready-built website extension (often referred to as a ‘plugin’) that fits the requirements. While a large volume of plugins are free, there are many premium plugins whose developers impose either a licence fee or subscription licence fee to purchase and use their software. We will always advise you first if your requested changes require a premium plugin that will incur any additional costs.

If a plugin breaks, it will remain the responsibility of the original developer to fix it, though we will of course manage correspondence with the developer to find a resolution, else find an alternative.

It is extremely rare that there would be any functionality requested that cannot be achieved with ready-built WordPress plugins. Should the situation occur that a requested functionality is so complex that there is no ready-built plugin to suit, we will be able to advise you of your best options on a case by case basis.