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From: $30.00

We offer a highly proficient and experienced virtual assistant service. We can help with a range of everyday business activities and administrative tasks, such as bookkeeping, designing/sending email marketing campaigns, document design, invoicing, client management, customer service and so much more.

You can either purchase a package of hours and use them as needed, or request a quotation on a particular project, so that you can order the specific amount of time needed.

Request A Quotation


Please give your project a name for reference purposes. We will contact you to discuss your requirements in full before commencing work.


Virtual assistant services are conducted by our team here in Sydney, Australia. All virtual assistants are fluent in English (as their first language), with excellent linguistic ability and a strong technical skillset.

Our virtual assistant service can be purchased in a minimum of 30 minute blocks.

Purchase a 10 hour package and only pay for 9 hours – the 10th is free! You can use your package hours up as needed – they will never expire.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we differ from cheaper, outsourced/offshore virtual assistant services?2018-03-22T21:47:44+10:00

We strongly believe in this case that you get what you pay for. As our virtual assistant service is of a specialised, premium quality, we generally complete tasks with a much higher level of accuracy and efficiency compared to the results that may be achieved by an outsourced/offshore service provider. For instance, a task you may pay an offshore provider 4 hours to complete at a lower hourly rate, we may complete in 2 hours at a superior quality and level of accuracy.