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Email Signature Design

$66.00 including GST

We can design and install a professional, beautiful email signature to go at the bottom of your outgoing emails, no matter what email service you use. Your signature may include your logo, contact details, social media icons and any other text or graphics you may require.

You will receive unlimited design revisions up until final sign-off. Your final email signature design will be provided to you in HTML/CSS format.


If you need help installing your new signature design in your email account, please enter how many installations you require. You will find more information on installations below, as well as some examples to help you decide how many you may need.


If you use and access a G Suite email account through your web browser (as opposed to a software solution such as Microsoft Outlook) as well as the Gmail app on your mobile devices, your signature will sync across all of these devices. This will only count as one installation.

If you use seperate software, such as Microsoft Office on your computer and the native Mail app on your phone, we will need to install your signature separately on each device – this would count as two installations.

You may use your purchased installations either for yourself, or for other account holders. We can adjust your signature design for each person/installation – such as adjusting names, phone numbers or email addresses to suit.