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From: $131.04 / year

We are a Google Cloud Partner, offering service and support for business-grade Google G Suite accounts.

If you wish to purchase multiple email accounts, please fill out the form below for the first account, then repeat for the next account and so on.

Pricing is for one email account (with unlimited aliases – read on below for more information on aliases). Please note that when it comes time for your email hosting to renew, payment will be due 1 month before the expiry date.


Email Address

What would you like your primary email address to be?


If you would like any alias addresses, please list them here (read below for more information on aliases).

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Google G Suite business email accounts ( offer a premium, ultra-reliable email hosting solution. Built on the powerful Google Cloud platform, your email service can benefit from unbeatable reliability of Google, whilst also giving you access to Google Drive (cloud storage), Google Calendar and the Google online publishing suite – allowing you to create and collaborate in real-time on documents, spreadsheets, forms and slideshows.

G Suite business email accounts can be set up and accessed quickly and with minimal fuss – simply log into the Gmail website with your business email account, just as you would for a free Gmail account. You can also log in to your business email account using the Gmail app on your phone – no complicated settings needed, just enter your username and password and you’re ready to go. Another unique feature of G Suite business email is that you can sync your email signature across all of your devices, ensuring a professional look whether you’re replying from your computer or phone.

Unlimited Aliases

You can also set up as many email aliases as you wish per account. For example, you may choose as your primary email address. You can then also set up an alias of, and send and receive from that address all from within the same account at no extra cost. This saves you from having to set up and maintain multiple different email accounts for each email address you wish to have.

Optional Extras

Email Migration ($60 once-off): An email migration involves us transferring over all of your existing emails and contacts from your current email system (if you have one). If you do not need this, or are happy to do it yourself, please select ‘No’ during sign up.