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As an official Google Cloud Partner, Silvercode provides service and support for business-grade Google G Suite accounts.


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A professional, business-grade G Suite email account (e.g. gives you access to the Gmail browser interface for your email, Google Drive (cloud storage), Google Calendar, Google+, Google Hangouts, plus full access to the Google online publishing suite allowing you to create and collaborate on online documents, spreadsheets, forms and slideshows.

Other handy features of a professional G Suite email account includes the ability to use the official Gmail mobile/tablet apps for your business email, have a synced email signature across all of your devices, out-of-office replies and much more.

Each email account includes the complimentary design and installation of a customised, professional email signature (including your contact information and business logo) on the Gmail browser & app interfaces, as well as installation on up to 1 other mail client on 1 computer, if required. (Additional installations may be purchased here.)

Pricing is per account. However, with G Suite email accounts, you can receive (and send!) email for an unlimited number of different email addresses all within one account. This saves you from having to set up and maintain multiple different email accounts for each email address you wish to have. For example, you may want to have for personal emails, and to put on your website’s contact page. A single G Suite account can receive emails to both of these addresses within the same inbox. When you hit reply on an email, the email will (by default) be sent from the same email it was originally sent to – or you can elect to always reply from only one address or the other. If you’d prefer to keep emails sent to each address separated into their own separate accounts (such as for businesses with multiple different staff members who each need their own account), you will need to purchase multiple accounts.