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Regular Website Providers

  • High upfront fee to design or build your website, often between $2000 – $5000 AUD for a basic website.

  • Additional, ongoing monthly payments to cover hosting, email & domain fees.

  • Unlikely to include any ongoing maintenance or security updates, leaving your site vulnerable to malicious attacks.

  • May charge a high hourly rate for any future changes or maintenance you may need, such as adding new images or updating your website’s software. Web designers often charge between $100 – $200 per hour.

  • Your site may slowly become visually outdated as new coding techniques and aesthetic effects emerge after your website has been built.

Silvercode Websites

  • No upfront design or build fee to build your website.

  • One simple, monthly subscription fee that includes everything you need; a high-quality, custom-built website, optional professional email service, web hosting, optional domain management, unlimited website changes, regular maintenance & security updates plus unlimited 1-on-1 email support from your own personal developer.

  • Daily or monthly back-ups (depending on how frequently your website changes), daily malware scans and both firewall protection software.
  • Regular aesthetic improvements and suggestions as new technology becomes available. With us, your site will always look modern and fresh.

  • We reduce your website costs and help your business to get online without a huge cash outlay.


All Silvercode clients receive a brand new, modern website as well as unlimited ongoing support and unlimited content changes anytime they need them. We constantly maintain the website and email services under our management, making our clients feel as though they have their own IT team working silently in the background – but without the expensive cost.

Never find yourself stuck with an outdated, buggy website, or having to pay exorbitant hourly support/development fees ever again.

Our Professional Website Management includes everything you see below.

With your Professional Website Management subscription, you will receive a brand new, professional-grade WordPress website designed to suit your business (all Silvercode websites are completely responsive across desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices).

Silvercode websites are built on the popular, user-friendly WordPress platform using premium themes and plugins developed by industry-leading WordPress developers. Industry-renowned brands such as Google, Cloudflare, VentraIP and Amazon S3 make up the backbone of our infrastructure.

We offer completely unlimited, ongoing email support for all of our services. We pride ourselves on our quick response times, and monitor incoming requests very closely. For quotations, technical support and change requests, an email response can generally be expected within no more than 12 hours, though usually it is much, much less and any urgent matters will receive a priority response at our very next availability.

We are also able to schedule Skype/phone calls by prior email request.

Our contact details and support hours can be found here.

We will action unlimited, ongoing content and design changes anytime you request them. Included changes cover:

  • Unlimited website re-designs (if you feel like a brand new look every so often).
  • Re-arranging layout of content within pages.
  • Adjusting alignment & spacing.
  • Adding/editing/deleting/moving text.
  • Adding/deleting/moving/resizing images.
  • Proofreading, spelling & grammar checking.
  • Adding/deleting/re-arranging pages.
  • Formatting/styling/colour scheme changes.
  • Adjusting/adding/removing menus/widgets/contact forms.
  • Adjusting/adding/removing social media links/integrations.
  • Publishing/editing/deleting blog posts/news items/testimonials.

Silvercode provides rigorous, ongoing maintenance to ensure websites are secure, up-to-date and running smoothly. Ongoing maintenance tasks include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Constant uptime monitoring.
  • Daily security scanning.
  • Daily or monthly back-ups (depending on how frequently your website changes). Backups are kept for 90 days.
  • Ongoing WordPress core, theme & plugin updates are installed as they become available and checked for compatibility.
  • Regular performance improvements.
  • Security monitoring (IP address blocking, firewall hack prevention etc).
  • Regular checks to ensure your website continues to look and behave correctly for visitors across a variety of browsers.
  • Bandwidth & disk space monitoring.

You may have as many pages as you wish and are welcome to add more at any time.

Silvercode can manage your domain registration(s) for you, ensuring they point your website and email traffic to the correct places. Domain Registration itself is also available as an added extra (Domain Registration pricing can be found here).

If you choose to have a global domain (such as a domain ending with .com) we will ensure domain privacy is applied to keep your personal details hidden from the public WHOIS directory.

At the beginning of every month, we send out a comprehensive report on the care of your website. This report includes such information as your website’s traffic statistics (powered by Google Analytics), a summary of how many backups were taken, a summary of how many theme/plugin/WordPress core updates were performed on your website, website speed performance, daily security scan statistics, uptime and more.

All Silvercode websites are given an allowance of 5GB of storage space on highly reliable, Australian web hosting. We also include and manage DNS hosting for your website (though if you wish to manage this yourself externally, you are more than welcome to).

All Silvercode websites are issued with an SSL Certificate which gives them the ability to display the green padlock in the browser address bar. An SSL certificate ensures that data sent between your users and your website is encrypted and secure, and helps to build trust with your visitors.

Silvercode websites are all given market-leading caching technology, which gives our sites a 30 – 50 times speed increase.

We provide any-time access to your live website visitor statistics, as well as a summary as part of your monthly report. With Google Analytics, you will be able to view a comprehensive break-down covering your real-time and past visitors, including demographic statistics, time spent on your site, which pages are being visited, and so much more.

We also manage and monitor your website’s indexing on the Google search engine, including the initial submission of your sitemap.

While Silvercode does not provide comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation services, our websites are all built with standard SEO good-practices, sufficient for most small businesses.

Your website will be fitted with the industry-leading Yoast SEO plugin, which automatically optimises many aspects of your website. The Yoast SEO plugin provides an analysis of your text content, taking considerations such as keyword density, keyword placement, title optimisation, meta descriptions and content length. This will assist you to ensure your text content is optimised for search engines.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any particular pagerank. Rankings may organically improve over time and most of our customers find this level of Search Engine Optimisation adequate.

Comprehensive SEO requires a long-term and often complex undertaking involving a vast array of actions such as back-linking and regular optimised content distribution. This is best managed by a professional, dedicated SEO agency. Silvercode can recommend options for clients wishing to pursue SEO in more depth. The cost of professional SEO generally falls between $2000 – $5000 per month, and is payable directly to your chosen SEO agency.

Silvercode websites are guarded by market-leading security software, to protect them from a range of online threats including spammers, SQL injection, DDOS and more.

Silvercode websites are given an unlimited allowance of premium, fully redundant bandwidth.

At no extra charge, we are able to provide Privacy Policy, Terms of Use & Email Disclaimer templates for you to use on your website, written by reputable Australian lawyers and valued at over $899 AUD.