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How long does it take for a website to be built? 2017-11-21T03:34:23+00:00

This depends a lot on the size and complexity of each individual website.

After you have requested a quote, we will provide you with our next available date to begin your website build, as well as an estimated timeframe of when your website build will be complete.

Is there a portfolio of example websites available? 2017-10-10T22:29:23+00:00

Yes, we can supply a portfolio of our websites upon request. Please contact us to express your interest.

Are Silvercode’s services suited to you? 2017-10-11T19:43:14+00:00

Our service is best suited for people who need a reliable, commercial website but aren’t familiar with how to maintain the technical side of things and don’t want to risk losing their work to data loss/hacking, as well as those who would prefer to have the ongoing support of a one-on-one web developer without the expense of a full-time employee.

What are the benefits of having a managed website? 2017-11-06T14:56:05+00:00

As well as knowing your website is being constantly cared for, generally-speaking a website has around a 2-year lifespan before it will start looking heavily outdated and need to be re-designed. People are likely to spend several thousand dollars on an average professional website design plus extra, often expensive, hourly fees every time they need support or maintenance completed after the fact.

Re-designs are included at no extra cost to Silvercode clients should they wish to have a new look every so often, and the website remains fully supported and maintained in the meantime with no additional costs, so in most cases, it works out much cheaper overall to have a Silvercode-managed website.

Can we visit your office, or you visit our office? 2017-10-10T23:34:47+00:00

Due to the online nature of the services we provide, and to keep our fees as low as possible, we do not offer in-person consultations. As such, we are able to work with clients who are located all over the world in all sorts of timezones!

Will you be able to sell items through your website, and see and control your orders? 2017-10-11T20:15:39+00:00

Yes. We recommend the WooCommerce platform for all ecommerce websites. This platform integrates with WordPress seamlessly and will add a powerful range of shop functions to your dashboard such as inventory management and order processing.

Both you and your customers will be able to receive email order notifications/receipts from your website.

Are our websites easy to use? 2017-10-10T23:36:53+00:00

Yes, very in fact! We use the WordPress platform which is incredibly user friendly. You will have your own dashboard that you may log into to edit your posts and pages – if you wish to. You don’t need any prior experience or any coding knowledge. The interface looks quite similar to most regular document publishing tools – Microsoft Word for example.

How much control/access will you have to edit your website? 2017-10-11T20:26:27+00:00

As much as you like! We find that all of our clients prefer different levels of input. For example, whether you want to upload blog posts yourself, or prefer we upload them for you – it’s all up to you. We either grant our clients no access at all if they don’t wish to log in themselves, ‘editor’ access level if they just want to edit the blog posts and pages, or a full ‘admin’ access level if they wish to edit things such as the theme files and plugins.

Can we help you get photos/videos for your website? 2017-11-21T03:46:55+00:00

Absolutely! Silvercode can assist with sourcing professional, modern stock photos or videos to represent your business on your website. Pricing for stock photos can be found here. Pricing for stock videos can be found here.

Do we provide design services for brochures/business cards/stationary/signage? 2017-11-21T03:47:30+00:00

Yes, Silvercode can assist with graphic design projects such as brochures, business cards, stationary, signage and various other types of digital or print materials. We offer unlimited changes until you are completely happy with the final design. Pricing for graphic design can be found here. If you don’t see the graphic design service you’re looking for, please contact us to ask – as we are more than likely to be able to assist!

Printing costs are not included and will be payable directly to your chosen printing company. If you do not have a printer company preference, we can make reputable suggestions.

What if you do not yet have a logo for your business? 2017-11-21T03:58:35+00:00

Yes, Silvercode are able to assist with designing, developing or arranging a custom logo for your business. We offer two levels of logo design:

Simple Logo Design

For simple logos, such as those requiring simple or no graphic elements, we offer unlimited revisions until you are completely happy and will provide the final logo to you in high resolution .jpeg, .png and .ai formats, which will allow you to use it in any other marketing material you may produce. Pricing for simple logo design can be found here.

Complex Logo Design

For more complex logos, such as those requiring hand-drawn, highly customised graphics, Silvercode is able to assist you with engaging a suitable artist. Pricing and revision limits may vary depending on your specific requirements. Please contact us to request a quotation prior to purchasing.

What will you need to provide for your new website? 2017-11-21T03:46:27+00:00

You will need to provide the text content for your website and any images you wish to use. If you do not have any images, you can either purchase a set of professional stock images, or we can assist you to find suitable free, royalty-free photos/graphics to use.

You will also need to provide us with your logo files if you have them. If you don’t have a logo, we can use a placeholder logo for you, to give you an idea of what your site will look like while you arrange for your logo to be designed.

If you would like us to design your logo for you, we offer two different levels of logo design – simple and complex (pricing for each can be found here).

What happens if you cancel your monthly subscription? 2017-11-06T14:59:58+00:00

If your domain is within Silvercode’s control, we will unlock it and provide you with the authorisation code to transfer it to another domain registrar, else, we will allow it to expire if you no longer wish to keep it.

You may cancel your services at any time, with no penalty or cancellation fees. All of your website’s text and image content always remains your property.

If you decide to cancel, Silvercode will provide you with a backup file of your website’s pages, blog posts, images and settings (in WordPress format), however this will not include the Silvercode WordPress theme and custom coding which remains the licensed property of Silvercode. You will need to set up alternative website hosting and consult with a developer to upload your website to your new hosting, install a new WordPress theme and make any configuration changes necessary.

If you would like to transfer your entire website elsewhere, including the Silvercode WordPress theme and custom coding, this is possible for an outright purchase price depending on your tenure as a Silvercode client.

  • Client with Silvercode for over 3 years: Free!
  • Client with Silvercode for over 2 years: $1000.00
  • Client with Silvercode for over 1 year: $1500.00
  • Client with Silvercode for less than 1 year: $2000.00
Can we maintain your existing website? 2017-10-10T23:35:54+00:00

As we cannot guarantee the performance and reliability of a website we haven’t built ourselves, we prefer to rebuild existing websites on our own platform.

However, if your existing website is already using the WordPress platform, and you really do not want to part with it, we may be able to manage your existing website upon review.

Are there any additional costs? 2017-11-21T03:45:26+00:00

There are a few circumstances where you may incur an additional fee above your usual monthly subscription.

  1. If, after your initial quotation, you request a feature on your website that requires Silvercode to purchase a third-party software licence to deliver that functionality, the cost of the licence will be passed on to you. Any labour/time we spend installing or building a new feature into your website is already included as part of your subscription, and will incur no extra cost. You may or may not ever need any additional software, depending on your requirements. An example would be if your website had a simple shop and you later decided that you wanted to add the ability to sell more complex products, such as online memberships or subscriptions. Some software licences only require a once-off licence fee, while others require an ongoing licence fee subscription – it simply depends on the software you require.
    • Pricing for premium plugin licences can be found here.
    • Pricing for premium plugin subscription licences can be found here.
  2. Extra email accounts requested after your initial quotation will come at an additional cost. Email account pricing can be found here.
  3. Extra domain registrations requested after your initial quotation will come at an additional cost. Domain registration pricing can be found here.
  4. Eventually, your website may reach a level of traffic that demands a more robust hosting environment to cope with your increased visitor load. This is generally not something you will need to be concerned about unless you are consistently receiving over a thousand unique visitors to your website every day. Other situations such as your business/product being featured on television may cause traffic spikes, or if you have content that goes viral. Silvercode will be able to provide you with a range of options at the time should any of these situations occur.