Ever wondered what web devs eat? No, no you haven’t. But we’re going to tell you anyway with a roundup of everything we’ve been stuffing our faces with in March!

As web developers, we spend an awful lot of time sitting at our desks. Sitting at one’s desk goes naturally hand-in-hand with the consumption of delicious snacks. And that, per-chance, is the theme of this month’s favourites roundup!

Treat Dreams Dream Eggs

Easter is just around the corner. But to be honest that is entirely irrelevant to us because we’ve been eating Easter eggs since January. It’s not our fault. You try any of Treat Dreams‘ eggs and you’ll have the same problem (and accompanying weight fluctuation). While their flagship product is the classic Dream Egg (a vegan dupe of the Cadbury Creme Egg), they’ve also released another 3 limited edition flavours this year, including strawberry, bubblegum and pineapple. While bubblegum may sound slightly unappealing to some, this egg actually ended up being our absolute favourite – mostly because it doesn’t taste much like bubblegum, but rather a lot more like delicious pink marshmallows!

Whichever flavour you go for, you’re in for a seriously good time. We order our fixes from The Cruelty Free Shop online, or pick up a stash whenever we visit Shift Eatery in Surry Hills (read on below for more information about Shift Eatery!).

Shift Eatery

Next up, we cannot go past Shift Eatery. Located in Surry Hills (barely a 2 minute walk from Central Station), Shift Eatery is a 100% plant-based cafe offering a delicious selection of toasties, smoothies, breakfast bowls and to top it all off – a full cabinet dedicated to sweets which can only be described as a concerning yet wondrous obstacle in our quest to not be the size of houses.

This month, we’ve had countless My Shroom toasties, Green Machine smoothies and are subtly making our way through all of the cakes and slices in the cabinet. So far, our favourite is the brownie, which is by far the nicest brownie, vegan or otherwise, that we’ve ever had the pleasure to try. It’s chewy, decadent, and generously full of chocolate chips. Shift Eatery also offers a solid selection of groceries in their deli fridges, including cheese, pies, pesto, ice cream, sausages and more – almost all of the ingredients used in their own recipes, in case you want to recreate something at home!

Soul Burger

It would be a lie to say that we just discovered Soul Burger only this month, as opposed to consuming burgers left, right and centre for the last year or so. But as this is our first-ever roundup, we had to include the best burgers in the entire world. At the time of writing, Soul Burger are about to open their fourth location in Newtown, but we typically order via UberEats from the Glebe store. Wherever you get your fix, it’s guaranteed to be everything you ever dreamed of. Our favourites are the Pulled Pork, Falafel and Southern Fried Chicken burgers, with a side of red fries. All 100% vegan and completely amazing.