Now and again, we meet a client who is still using an email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail or Thunderbird. Particularly for clients who use Silvercode (and therefore Google email accounts) as their business email provider, this can add an additional, unnecessary layer of complexity that has become something of a dated practice.

So what’s the difference?

The web browser interface is a website that is accessed through your preferred web browser, such as Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer. Visiting your emails this way is a bit like going straight to the source – you’re essentially accessing your emails directly on the server they are stored on ‘in the cloud’.

Email clients such as Microsoft Outlook on the other hand are software programs that need to be downloaded to your computer’s hard drive. When you access your emails via an email client such as this, your email client has to connect to the server where your emails are stored online, and download a copy of each email before you can see it. It’s a bit like adding an extra step to the process.

Think of it like reading a book with your own eyes vs asking someone to read the book to you. Microsoft Outlook (and other similar mail clients) act as the middle-man between yourself and your emails, instead of just going straight to the source.

Below, we’ve listed out the pros and cons of making the switch from the older-style email clients listed above, to instead accessing your emails via your web browser.