When a website is first built, Google robots will crawl through it and index all of the pages into Google Search results. Usually at that time, the only phrase you will be found in Google search results for is your own business name.

Over time, your website should slowly improve in rank for various other phrases naturally. Google takes many things into account when assigning rank to websites, such as the age of a website, how many times people are clicking on your website in search results, how many visitors your website gets, what text is written on your pages and so on.

To be found for certain keywords or phrases immediately however, you need to take further action with eitherĀ Pay Per Click Advertising or Comprehensive SEO Services. Not everyone has the budget available to do this however.

So, if you’re on a tight budget, and willing to put in the work yourself, here are four simple things you can do (that are completely free!) which over time can help your website’s rank in Google search results to increase.

Publish Blogs On Your Website

If you regularly publish blogs on your website, this will do a world of good for your Google rank and you will eventually start appearing for the topics and keywords that you write about. We would recommend writing at least one new blog post per week on a variety of topics related to your business.

Optimising Your Website’s Text

A simple way to improve your rank for certain phrases and keywords is to adjust the text on your website’s pages so that it frequently contains the keywords you want to appear in search results for.

Share Your Website’s Content On Social Media

Being active on social media and regularly sharing your website’s content to your profiles can also help to improve your rank. You could create a blog post on your website, and then share the link to it on your social media profiles. Or perhaps, write a status on your social media with a special offer, and include a link back to your website. It is especially helpful if other people start sharing your social media posts as this creates more links back to your website.

Collect Backlinks

Asking others (such as relevantĀ b